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We provide competitive business offshore outsource services in footwear, hybrid (paper-plastic) packaging, plastic packaging industry so that you can focus on your core business while we take care of the sole, food & beverage packaging production process. With more than 20 years of experience in the footwear and packaging industry, we make sure that you receive the ultimate quality of products regardless the complexity of the process. Thanks to the enriched, diversified and highly distributed production plants which has resulted successful completion of hundreds of production projects worldwide, we were able to accelerate and deliver them at a lower cost. Frequently supplying the best sole production and packaging solutions and always seeking for dynamic relations to exchange with the main players on the market, places us at the top of the restricted group of companies that are able to handle such agile, dynamic and challenging production tasks. We are agile, we are flexible, we are faster forward thinking, we are competitive.

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Geschäftführer: Bedi Sel Sitz: Mainburg, HRB13674 VAT: DE290328770

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B.S.SEL & Co. GmbH

Adres: Abensberger 25A

D84048 Mainburg, Germany

Our Offer

We offer wide range of offshore outsource services to industry leaders from footwear, hybrid packaging and plastic packaging industries.

With the strong partnership with the multiple raw material suppliers around the world, we provide agile production process that is adaptive to your footwear production, packaging material production and hybrid packaging solution production forecast. 

We are geographically distributed offshore sole production outsource platform which makes us agile and flexible in the processes from production to final product delivery. 

Our platforms are capable of delivering any type of sole production based on TPU, SBS, EVA. For packaging productions we are capable of delivering products based on PE together with hybrid paper-plastic composites as well as EPS packaging solutions. 

We offload your none-business-critical production process, deliver high quality products with affordable cost, so that you can be competitive with in your industry. 

We are your competitive advantage. 

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